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Bluestockings; The Social Network June Conference
Bluestockings; The Social Network June Conference
The following pictures were taken at our colloquium Bluestockings: The Social Network that was held on 3-4 JUNE 2011 at Swansea University and the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. This colloquium was the first in a series initiated by an AHRC-funded network whose purpose is to set in motion a project to edit Elizabeth Montagu's letters. The first day of the conference at Swansea University included papers delivered in panels with keynote lectures given by Professor Betty Schellenberg and Professor Felicity Nussbaum. On the second day of the conference at the National Waterfront Museum entitled 'Bluestocking Businesswomen' Les Turnbull presented a paper on 'Elizabeth Montagu and Coalmining in the North-East' and Michael Franklin gave a paper on 'Hester Thrale and Thrale's Brewery, Southwark'.
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Bluestocking Circle

The Bluestocking Circle was a group of writers, artists and thinkers who met in the London homes of Elizabeth Montagu, Elizabeth Vesey and Frances Boscawen. These fashionable hostesses invented a new kind of informal sociability and nurtured a sense of intellectual community. The term "bluestocking" evolved from the scholar Benjamin Stillingfleet's decision to abandon formal evening dress and obey Vesey's call to "Come in your blue stockings." Guests included the leading literary, political and cultural figures of the day, including Elizabeth Carter, Samuel Johnson, Edmund Burke, David and Eva Garrick and later Hannah More and Frances Burney.

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